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Horizon Prize - Better use of Antibiotics

Feb 25, 2015 23:00PM

Identifier: H2020-HOA-01-2015
Pillar: Societal Challenges
Type: Call for Proposals
Planned Opening Date: Tue, 10 Mar 2015
Deadline: Wed, 17 Aug 2016 17:00:00 (Brussels local time)
Budget: 1.000.000,00 €


Proposal Management



  • UCL Principal Investigators who are coordinating Horizon 2020 collaborative proposals should contact erioproposal@ucl.ac.uk for advice at an early stage.
  • ERIO's proposal management service (detailed below) is available to UCL PIs who are coordinating Horizon 2020 collaborative proposals.
  • The Horizon 2020 guide for UCL Principal Investigators is now available (UCL login needed).


The UCL European Research and Innovation Office (ERIO) is now offering a proposal management service to the UCL research community. This is a fully 'hands-on' consultancy service that has been successfully piloted in support of the awarded FP7 projects SKIP-NMD, FLUTCORE and EEC. This service is now offered on a limited basis to UCL coordinators of Horizon 2020 collaborative research & innovation proposals. 

Proposal management services are delivered by three full-time specialist members of the ERIO team, who will provide hands-on support from concept to final submission, including assistance in structuring and targeting the scientific section, the expected impacts section, the implementation, management and finance sections, as well as aiding in partner searches.

Proposal Management: Fees

The ERIO proposal management service is offered and funded via a "success fee" model. UCL Principal Investigators using the service, in with the support of their departments and/or project consortia, will be asked to agree to the payment of ~1% of the total EU award for the project to ERIO, payable only if the supported proposal is successfully awarded. Fees will be used to sustain the proposal management service throughout the duration of the Horizon 2020 programme.

Proposal Management: Expressions of Interest

The proposal management service can only accommodate a very limited number of concurrent Horizon 2020 proposals, so the selection of assignments is based upon a structured assessment process. Principal Investigators interested in applying for the proposal management service should email erioproposal@ucl.ac.uk.

Please be sure to contact us:

  • At least 4 weeks before the Stage 1 deadline (if your call has two stages)
  • At least 4 months before the call deadline (if your call has one stage)
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