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Leadership appointed for new UCL Research Domains

18 January 2016

Leaders of the new UCL Environment Research Domain and the UCL eResearch Domain have been appointed, to foster interaction and collaboration across the university and with its partner organisations.

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Co-Chairs of the Environment Domain are Professor Nick Tyler (UCL Civil, Environmental & Geomatic Engineering) and Professor Dan Osborn (UCL Earth Sciences).

Professor Osborn said: "I am looking forward to the Environment Domain increasing opportunities for research on the key issues facing humanity. People and communities need to live well and sustainably within the resources our planet can provide. The Domain should help strengthen the pathway from knowledge to impact, so such issues can be addressed in ways that meet people's needs and reduce risks from and to the environment."

Professor Tyler noted: "Our definition of 'environment' is strong and inclusive. We embrace all 'environments' - natural, built, cultural, emotional, intellectual, technical, social...whatever people choose to define as their environment of interest. I would like the Domain to inspire everyone at UCL to see their thinking and activity in relation to everyone else's, thus opening the door to creating collaborative opportunities for generating new thought, inspiring ideas and frontier-breaking research that will help us understand the challenges we face now and in the future."


Co-Chairs of the eResearch Domain are Professor Jonathan Tennyson (UCL Physics & Astronomy) and Professor Phil Luthert (UCL Institute of Ophthalmology).

Professor Tennyson said: "The use of advanced computational techniques is now a major driver in all research areas and for many technologies. To be at the forefront of eResearch requires skills to shape the future, not just to run available software. I look forward to the challenge of ensuring that UCL remains a world leader in the use of computational techniques across the whole range of its wide and varied research portfolio."

Professor Luthert, stated: "As large-scale datasets become increasingly available and computational power continues to grow, the scope to advance thinking through sophisticated computational approaches has never been greater. The new eResearch Domain will provide an impetus for UCL to extend leadership in this key area. I am particularly excited at the potential to facilitate novel uses of this technology to further understanding of biological systems in health and disease."

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Professor David Price, UCL Vice-Provost (Research), commented: "Each Research Domain brings together a critical mass of expertise, helping to make UCL greater than the sum of its parts. I am confident that the appointment of these prominent and eminent individuals will dramatically increase the value and impact of collaborations in these two areas. They join esteemed and effective leaders in the Neuroscience, Personalised Medicine and Populations & Lifelong Health Research Domains."