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UCL launches collaboration with Egypt's New Giza University

5 February 2016

UCL and New Giza University have launched an academic collaboration to support colleagues from the NGU Faculty of Health Sciences to develop and deliver high quality undergraduate medicine, dentistry and pharmacy programmes in the Cairo region.


The contract between the two universities was negotiated by UCL Consultants.

Pooling expertise from senior faculty and staff from the UCL Medical School, UCL School of Pharmacy and UCL Eastman Dental Institute, the UCL team will collaborate with their New Giza colleagues in the strategic planning, organization, development and quality assurance of three new undergraduate programs.

NGU's key decisions concerning infrastructure and educational resources development, faculty and senior staff recruitment will also be shaped by this collaboration. Faculty development activities will run throughout the project to enhance the delivery of an innovative, contemporary, student-centred learning experience.

The signing of the contract represents the foundation for long-term academic collaboration where UCL support NGU in its aspiration to become a beacon in medical education in the Middle East and North Africa region.

Professor Deborah Gill, Director of the UCL Medical School on her return from her initial visit to New Giza University remarked:

"My colleagues and I are delighted to have this unique opportunity to work with New Giza University in using our expertise, experience and resources to support and mentor an excellent and motivated team to develop and deliver contemporary, world-class health care education for dentists, doctors and pharmacists in Egypt.

Education consultancy is one of the ways in which UCL academic and professional services staff can create lasting and meaningful impact globally by supporting fellow healthcare educators to realise their ambition to provide education for health professionals that prepares students for the challenges and opportunities of contemporary practice and produces graduates that have the capabilities and drive to create significant health gain wherever they practice."