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UCL Human Resources is changing: Talk to us

17 February 2016

Over the past few weeks UCL Human Resources has shared some insights into how we are changing.


This week we will focus on the UCL Human Resources Organisational Development team. Organisational development at UCL is all about helping staff develop and adapt to change in ways that complement UCL's vision, strategy and systems.

The work we do is underpinned by UCL 2034 and supports key UCL strategies such as those developed by our Global Engagement, Researcher, Education and Professional Services teams.

What's changing?

From 4 January 2016, the 'original' Organisational Development team has joined forces with the Equalities & Diversity team and Occupational Health and Wellbeing  team, to offer you a more comprehensive and accessible service.

We will achieve this by providing UCL with a more unified approach that seeks to enable UCL's staff and students to work, learn and operate in a more equitable, transparent and healthier environment and one that promotes global citizenship and wellbeing within a high performance culture.

In addition to working more collaboratively, each team will continue to provide you with specialist advice and services. The team will maintain a high level organisational development and design consultancy service.

This will provide information, advice, guidance and support for change, team development and organisational development/design to both staff and researchers via the UCL Leadership and Management Framework, the Professional and Researcher Development Programmes and through the provision of a tailored service cut to fit the needs of our clients. This includes professional development, coaching, mentoring and event facilitation.

We will also continue to enhance our focus on students through programmes provided through the Doctoral School Skills Development Programme.

The Equalities & Diversity team will continue to work to support the UCL's Equalities and Diversity Accountability Framework, which ensures that all faculties and divisions have local action plans to progress UCL's current Equalities and Diversity Strategy.

The team will also continue to advise and support Departments making Athena SWAN Charter applications, as this prestigious national award scheme has now been extended to all academic disciplines. The team also provides administrative and project support to UCL equality groups and networks so that staff from diverse backgrounds have a voice in policy making and help ensure UCL's culture is welcoming and inclusive.

Working with the Occupational Health and Wellbeing team, we will engage and partner with you on a number of levels to deliver optimum services to UCL, focusing on the development of individuals, teams and the organisation.  This will include access to both face to face interventions and online resources which enable colleagues to learn at their own pace.

Contact for more information

If you have any queries about the changes, please do not hesitate to contact one of us.

For more information, please see the Human Resources website.

You can also read more about Occupational Health and Wellbeing in 'The Week@UCL', 4 February edition.

Charlotte Croffie, Director of Organisational Development

Spotlight: Annie Watts, Organisation Development Consultant for BEAMS and ISD

What is your role?

Annie Watts

I'm based in the Organisation Development team in UCL Human Resources and have, for the past two years, provided organisational development advice to the UCL BEAMS faculties and to UCL Internet Services Division.

There are four of us who carry out the role of Organisation Development Consultant and my colleagues provide a similar services to the other Faculties and to the professional Services Divisions.

Where we used to be dedicated to specific Schools and Departments, we are currently developing our roles to enable us to work more widely across UCL, whilst at the same time retaining a client relationship with our specific Schools and Departments, so that you have a familiar face who understands you.

The advantage to UCL and to you is that we can ensure that you get organisation development expertise when you need it, as we can provide a consultant with specific expertise in the area you need and as a team we can better co-ordinate our response to your highest priority needs, helping you to meet the challenges of UCL 2034 and related strategies.

What are does an Organisation Development Consultant do?

The typical kinds of activities I get involved as an Organisation Development Consultant are: advising Deans and other senior managers about organisation development activities they may want to carry out to better enable delivery of their Strategic Plan.

This might include, for example, advising about workforce development e.g. talent management, retention/succession planning and individual and team development.

I also work with professional services staff and academics to facilitate away days or short sessions based on arising development needs, such as improving team communication, team collaboration, adapting to a new working environment, or delivering great services.

A part of my role that I particularly enjoy is coaching individuals - we provide the challenge and support to enable our clients to adapt to a new role, manage their time more effectively or build their own resilience using tools such as 360 feedback or psychometric instruments.

As consultants we also lead or take part in organisational wide projects; examples of recent projects include: advising on adapting to agile working to enable a more effective use of UCL space and developing new approaches to staff and student wellbeing.