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Be the change you wish to see at UCL: make your mark with UCL Changemakers

8 October 2015

As students you live and breathe the courses you are studying and are best placed to suggest changes or new ways of doing things that would benefit you most.

UCL ChangeMakers

You may want to make your lectures more interactive, or may want to work with staff to improve feedback. Alternatively you may want to diversify the assessment you receive or have an idea on how to create a resource for other students to use. Perhaps you think that technology could be better embedded in your programme. Whatever it is, we can't wait to hear about it.

UCL ChangeMakers can help you be the change you wish to see at UCL by supporting you to lead a project that will enhance your learning experience.

You don't need a fully developed idea, it can just be a seed of inspiration at this stage. We can help you plan your project through the one-to-one meetings, training and events open to you while undertaking your project. You can also get involved with someone else's project if you don't have an idea of your own but still want to get involved.

The deadline for for submitting a project proposal is 5 November 2015. We also have a number of Q&A sessions that you can attend if you want to find out more first on 13, 15, 21 & 23 October and 3 November 2015 (1-2pm, Arena Room 1-19 Torrington Place).

Funding and support

UCL ChangeMakers Q&A session

Your project will involve teams of students and staff partnering up to investigate an educational issue and make improvements or to pilot a change and evaluate it.

Typically you will come up with an idea, investigate this area by talking to other staff and students, decide on and implement a change and then evaluate its impact, which is then presented back to your department.

You will receive up to £500 funding for your project, which you can use for things like incentives, catering, travel or to pay for the expertise of, say, designers or programmers. You will be supported throughout by a central UCL ChangeMaker Team who will help coordinate and guide the project so that it is relevant, effective and  enjoyable.

Why take part?

We believe that by giving you the funding and support to take ownership of your own ideas you will get the experience of running a small research project and enjoy making a difference for your fellow students.

Students who lead a UCL ChangeMaker project will get £150 as well as formal recognition. Students who support a UCL ChangeMakers project will also receive £50 as a thank you for their crucial contribution to UCL's development. You will also receive a certificate at a celebratory event in May 2016.

Ultimately being a UCL ChangeMaker will give you really valuable experience and skills including project management, team leadership, gathering and analysing evidence, and communicating persuasively. By taking part you can become more confident in critical thinking, problem solving and independent reasoning.

Useful Links

Abbie King, UCL ChangeMakers Manager, UCL Centre for Advancing Learning and Teaching