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5 UCL websites every new student needs to bookmark

8 October 2015

It's your second week and you've probably received a lot of information.

New students website UCL Student and Registry Services have compiled a list of the top five most useful websites that should help you to cut through all the freshers' noise.

1. New Students website

The New Students website is designed to help you to understand what you will be expected to do during your first few weeks at UCL in order to formally become a member of the UCL community, allowing you to concentrate on the more exciting aspects of studying at one of the world's most prestigious universities.

2. International Student Support website

The International Student Support website is a one-stop-shop for everything an International student needs to know and do when they arrive at UCL. It also provides information for your continued support during your UCL journey.

3. Term Dates 2015-2016

As new UCL students you should make sure you know your terms dates, reading weeks, closures and bank holidays. Depending on your level of study your term dates will vary so it's worth visiting the website to check the key dates for your 2015-2016 calendar.


Visit the UCLU website to find out about events, societies and clubs, job opportunities, and the Volunteering services Unit (VSU). The website also provides details of your seven Sabbatical Officers who were elected by students last Spring to lead your Union on a full-time basis during 2015-2016.

5. Student Support and Wellbeing website

The Student Support and Wellbeing website provides information on all of the support services available to you including Student Financial Support, Student Disability Services and Student Psychological Services.

Kate Jones, Student Support and Wellbeing Manager (Student Centre and Events), UCL Student and Registry Services