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UCL Library Services hits annual online reading list target

26 August 2015

Nearly half of all current taught courses at UCL now have an

ReadingLists@UCL ucl.ac.uk/library/teaching-support/reading-lists" target="_self">online reading list, meaning UCL Library Services has achieved its 45% target figure for 2014-15, as set out in the UCL Library Services Strategy, 2015-18.

The response from students has been overwhelming positive with feedback indicating they are finding it useful to have their learning resources made easily accessible in one place.  Reading lists can contain full text readings, film clips, Lynda.com training videos, links to professional bodies or simply further reading in a traditional bibliography format. .

Departments within UCL that have been quick to avail of this easy way of improving student satisfaction include Political Science, the Development Planning Unit and the Institute of Neurology. They were among the first departments to create online lists for all their current taught courses and reach 100%. The Faculty of Mathematical and Physical Sciences engaged as a whole, resulting in terrific coverage across its departments in a short space of time.

A new feature UCL Library Services has introduced this year has been to embed particular readings into the body of Moodle, as well as adding more citation styles, as requested by departments. 

Staff are being asked to give feedback on any additional developments you would like to see for your reading lists.

The target for 2015-16 is for 55% of modules to have an online reading list.  New UCL students are already asking for reading lists for their upcoming courses, so don't hesitate to get in touch, request a list, or drop into a summer session to find out more!

For more information please contact the ReadingLists@UCL team.

Benjamin Meunier, UCL Library Services