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UCL Library Services Strategy 2015-18

Paul Ayris

The UCL Library Services Strategy is set in the context of UCL 2034, a strategy for UCL for the next 20 years. UCL 2034 underlines and extends UCL’s mission to be London’s Global University: a diverse intellectual community, engaged with the wider world and committed to changing it for the better; recognised for our radical and critical thinking and its widespread influence; with an outstanding ability to integrate our education, research, innovation and enterprise for the long-term benefit of humanity.

The Library Services Strategy is embedded in this ambition and seeks to deliver a first-class user experience across the whole UCL family of libraries. UCL Library Services will deliver innovative services and facilities in six over-arching areas of activity:

  • User experience
  • Staff, equality and diversity
  • Finance, management information and value for money
  • Systems and processes
  • Sustainable estate
  • Communication, Open Access and outreach

Detailed Implementation Plans underpin each of the Key Performance Areas listed above. Throughout the period 2015-18, UCL Library Services will strive to deliver a user experience which is world-class, learning spaces which are cutting edge, digital provision which is the best in the UK, new services grounded in the concept of Open Scholarship, and cutting-edge outreach to communities in London and across the globe, supported by library staff who are skilled in their activities, always putting the user first.

Paul Ayris

Director of UCL Library Services and UCL Copyright Officer
Chief Executive, UCL Press

22 December 2014

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