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Help UCL to avoid wasting energy this Easter

9 April 2014

We all need to work together to create a more sustainable UCL, especially where this helps us to avoid wasting energy and water.

Big Easter Switch Off Not only is this good for the environment, it also helps us to reduce some of our costs.

Just before staff leave for the Easter break, join me in the Big Easter Switch Off. The Switch Off is about staff and students turning off non-essential appliances, lights and equipment in their departments, divisions and residences. 

Switching off is an easy action, but one with the potential to save a large amount of energy, money and carbon. 

It's about taking responsibility for the impact we have, and working to improve it. And it's the kind of simple change that, more and more, must be built into the way we operate.  

Find out more and pledge to switch off in your department at the Green UCL website.

Additional information on UCL's energy use

  • UCL spends around £11m per year on energy.
  • The energy we use creates 60,000+ tonnes of carbon per year.
  • One light left on for the duration of the holidays (28 March-28 April) could create around 7kg of CO2 (the weight of nearly 200 Creme Eggs).

Professor Michael Arthur

UCL President & Provost