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UCL Institute of the Americas launches innovative international relations masters

4 June 2013

The first degree in the UK to focus on inter-American and Latin/North American global relations has been launched by the UCL Institute of the Americas.

Old map of the Americas

The International Relations of the Americas MSc will provide students with contemporary and historical perspectives on the international relations of the Americas, along with general theories of international relations and foreign policy analysis. 

With a detailed and systematic understanding of the international relations of the Americas - both with regard to inter-American relations and relations with the world beyond the Americas - students will graduate with the skills essential for analytic study and assessment of the local and global issues currently facing foreign policy-makers in the nation-states of the Americas.

Course director Professor Iwan Morgan (UCL Institute of the Americas) said: "The Institute of America's new MSc programme is uniquely focused on the international relations of the Americas in their entirety.  No other course anywhere else offers a comparable opportunity to study and research the foreign policies of this continent. 

"The region is home to the world's most important power and a number of emergent powers.  The nation-states within it confront geopolitical, geo-economic, environmental, human rights, and international drug control issues that have global significance.  They are also engaged in a pivot away from a traditional Atlantic focus to an Asia-Pacific one that will have immense significance in shaping the power structure of the twenty-first century world.  This is a programme that will benefit anyone looking to develop a career in diplomacy, the media, think-tank research, international organizations, and commerce."

Applications are now open for the course. For more information, and to apply, click here


MSc in International Relations of the Americas
UCL Institute of the Americas