MSc International Relations of the Americas
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International Relations of the Americas MSc

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This degree embraces modules on both North and Latin America, with compulsory study of both regions. The programme focuses on inter-American and on Latin/North American global relations, and combines breadth with (especially in relation to the 15,000 word dissertation) the depth appropriate for this level of study. The programme provides a detailed and systematic understanding of the International Relations of the Americas both with regard to inter-American relations and relations with the world beyond the Americas. It offers contemporary and historical perspectives on the International Relations of the Americas and situates this empirical knowledge within general theories of international relations and foreign policy analysis. The programme introduces students to skills essential for the analytic study of the International Relations of the Americas and assessment of the hemispheric and global issues currently facing foreign policy-makers in the nationstates of the Americas.

Programme structure

To ensure study of the North and South of the Americas, students take one compulsory module, International Politics of Latin America (15 credits), and at least one from either Post-Cold War US Foreign Policy (15 credits) or Canada and the Americas (15 credits). They additionally choose one module from two specified research-skills options, and 45 credits of further substantive-subject options from a broader range of modules. The final element of the programme is the research dissertation of 15,000 words. Some options may not be available every year.

There are three core elements. Depending on the focus of study, students may chose between a Latin American and Caribbean OR USA focused research course, and between a USA OR Canadian focused foreign relations course.

ONE course from:

All students take:

ONE course from:

[Students may take both US and Canadian courses if desired - one as a core course and one as an option]


Full-time 1 year

Part-time 2 years


All students write a dissertation of 15,000 words relating to the International Relations of the Americas

Teaching and Learning

The programme is delivered through a combination of seminars, lectures, presentations, independent reading and research. There are a range of assessments including essays, a short oral presentation, and the dissertation.

Tuition fees and further information

UK/EU Full Time
UK/EU Part Time
Overseas Full Time
Overseas Part Time
£ 8,500

For details on tuition fees and other relevant information, please follow this link.

Deadline for applications

August 31, 2014