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New online map shows PC availability on UCL campus

26 September 2012

A new tool helping staff and students to find available PCs on campus has been launched on the UCL website.

PC availability

The feature maps the availability, in real time, of PCs in 17 individual cluster rooms in both central London and Archway campuses.

As well as the number of available PCs, clicking on a cluster room will provide further information about its exact location, and details of when it has next been booked out.

Information Services Division are working to make this dynamic information available more widely across campus, with PC availability also accessible in the latest version of the UCL-Go app for Apple, Android and Blackberry devices.

John Burnett (UCL Communications) commented: "In the past, it hasn't always been easy for students to find free computers. This feature, combined with site-wide Wi-Fi access, should make it easier for staff and students to get their work done on campus."

The PC locator forms part of a redeveloped map available on the UCL website. It is interactive, allowing people to see the exact locations of museums, lecture theatres and other important buildings, as well as providing relevant information about them.

Image: The feature can be accessed by selecting 'PC availability' on the Find Us section of the UCL website

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