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Supporting lesbian, gay and bisexual staff at work: new guidance for managers

8 September 2011

Sexual orientation can be a complex area, especially for managers who are not lesbian, gay or bisexual (LGB) themselves, do not know any LGB people or who have little experience of managing diverse teams.

LGB guidance for managers

This guidance is intended to equip managers with the understanding and expertise they need to meet the needs of LGB people and create an inclusive, high performing team.

Sir Steven Wall, Chair of UCL Council and LGBT Equality Champion said: "I commend this guidance to all of you who have management responsibilities. It is not the Council's business to manage the university. But it is our job to ensure that it is well run, and the Council has given a high priority to these issues. I have met gay and lesbian staff members at UCL who do not find their working environment gay-friendly, not because of active discrimination but because of the behaviour of colleagues, more often careless and thoughtless than deliberately hostile. But it hurts just as much. So please take this guidance to heart and be proactive in making UCL a place where everyone feels equally at home. If Professor Stephen Smith and I, as UCL's LGBT Equalities Champions, can help, please do not hesitate to ask."

The guidance can be found on the UCL Equalities and Diversity website.