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UCL Staff Survey 2011: have your say

7 October 2011

UCL's third staff engagement survey will be launched soon, running from 31 October to 18 November.

UCL Staff Survey 2011: have your say This will be your opportunity to tell us what you think works well and what you would like UCL to do to make your working environment better for you.

Your opinion won't be ignored and your voice will be heard. In advance of this year's survey, it's a good opportunity to look back at some of the major themes and the institution-wide actions taken as a result of the 2009 staff survey.

The grading and academic promotion processes were unfair

  • Annual review of the percentage of people applying for grading review and senior promotions to determine whether the processes appeared unfair or discriminatory in their application.
  • Development of a new Job Evaluation Database which also stores job description outlines, which can be used for similar posts, eliminating the need for many posts to go through the full JDO process
  • In response to other concerns aired, and demonstrating our commitment to improving the transparency and usability of the academic promotions process, we have developed a series of audio files. The files each feature a short discussion between senior academic staff who offer advice from a personal perspective on how to approach the promotions process.

Dissatisfaction with physical working conditions and lack of consultation about or understanding of the rationale behind changes to UCL's estate

  • A root and branch review of space at UCL has been undertaken resulting in the UCL Bloomsbury Masterplan, designed to establish a strategic framework for the long term development of UCL's Bloomsbury estate and the use and allocation of space within it
  • Capital monies already allocated for building improvements have been protected from budget savings
  • Initiatives such a common timetabling have also been implemented to make best use of the constant demands on space

Dissatisfaction with the management of poor performance

  • Development of new programmes running from the 2010/11 academic year focusing on coaching and mentoring skills and conversations, getting the best out of people and breakthrough conversations

The appraisal system did not help you develop your skills

  • Introduction of a new online system for professorial appraisal, making clear links to performance
  • Review and refreshment of the appraisal training provision with a strong focus on the quality of objective setting, linking these to organisational and faculty goals and objectives

A more comprehensive list of the themes and actions from the 2009 staff survey is available here.

Further details about the upcoming 2011 survey will be available from Professor Stephen Smith, our staff survey champion, throughout October.

Professor Malcolm Grant, UCL President & Provost