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UCL Provost named preferred choice for new NHS role

14 October 2011

UCL President & Provost Professor Malcolm Grant was today named as the preferred choice to chair the NHS Commissioning Board by the Secretary of State for Health.

Professor Malcolm Grant

Professor Grant will retain his role as UCL President and Provost. The NHS Commissioning Board role is expected to involve a time commitment of up to two days a week.

He will appear in front of the Health Select Committee in a pre-appointment scrutiny hearing on Tuesday 18 October, and is expected to take up the post in late October.

Sir Stephen Wall, Chair of UCL Council, said:

"Malcolm Grant will bring to this important task the leadership, judgement and commitment that he has given, and continues to give, to UCL. As Chair of UCL Council, I think his appointment is good for the university. As a citizen, I think it is good news for all of us."

Professor Malcolm Grant said:

"I am very much looking forward to taking up this challenging role as Chair of the NHS Commissioning Board, and I remain firmly committed to leading UCL through challenging but exciting times.

"The roles are hugely complementary. I have worked very closely with the NHS over recent years as we have built UCL's biomedical research activity through partnerships with key NHS Trusts and a record of delivering research that translates into health benefits. The future success of the NHS is not only vital for the health of the nation, but important too for the future growth of UCL. I look forward to playing a role in delivering that success."

As a leading global multi-disciplinary universities, UCL is one of the world's largest and most prestigious centres researching medical, brain, life and population health sciences. Its relationships with key NHS Trusts are managed through an academic health science partnership, UCL Partners, which is already the strongest in Europe and is pioneering new approaches to translating research into new treatments and sustainable approaches to health delivery.

Sir John Tooke, UCL's Vice Provost (Health) and incoming President of the Academy of Medical Sciences, said:

"Professor Grant is superbly equipped to assume this role that will be pivotal in transforming the NHS.  Given the central importance of research and education to the NHS and patient-centred, evidence-based care, his academic background coupled with an acute awareness of the issues facing the NHS will be invaluable."


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