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Occupational Health Service: wellbeing and resilience at work

17 November 2011

'Wellbeing and resilience at work' was the theme for the recent

isma.org.uk/national-stress-awareness-day/index.html" target="_self">National Stress Awareness Day in November.

Wellbeing is not just about being happy; it is also about having the resilience to deal effectively with change and unpredictability. We can all develop skills to help us when things are not going as well as we hope or expect. more…

Resilient people are more able to sustain positive wellbeing in the face adverse situations and are better equipped to adjust to change and recover from misfortune. If you want to develop your resilience and improve your wellbeing, here are three ways to help:

i-resilience questionnaire and report

The Occupational Health Service provides information on resilience and high performance. You can check your resilience by completing this online questionnaire. Once completed, you will be provided a personal report. The report and your answers are confidential to you and are not shared with UCL.

National Stress Awareness Day

As part of the recent National Stress Awareness Day 2011, the International Stress Management Association (ISMA) have produced some useful tools including:

Your Employee Assistance Programme

Visit the 'Learning Centre' on your employee assistance programme website (Username: UCL Password: employee) for information on 'Wellness', 'Personal Development' and 'Health and Behaviour' or call on 0800 243 458 for practical and emotional support. This service is available 24/7, 365 days a year and it is confidential, so no one need know that you have called.

Angela Graneek, Head of Occupational Health Services, Human Resources