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Only sustainable fish served on UCL campus

13 June 2011

UCL has signed up to the Sustainable Fish City pledge, promising to exclude endangered fish and to serve and promote sustainable fish in catering establishments and at events.

sustainable fish

Ian Wright (UCL Estates and Facilities) said: "UCL is proud to be a signatory to the Sustainable Fish City pledge, demonstrating the University's support for seafood sustainability in London as part of our wider environmental commitments. In real terms, this means we and our catering providers do not source endangered species - those rated as 'fish to avoid' by the Marine Conservation Society - and we only serve sustainably managed fish in our catering outlets."

Tim Lang, from the Centre of Food Policy, explained: "Educational institutions recognise their role in helping the younger generation to tackle the serious challenges that now face human beings living on a planet with finite resources. What better way to demonstrate to our policy-makers of the future that sustainable fish is delicious, achievable and affordable than to serve it in universities, and promote this to staff and students."

Fishing nets, Bermagui by Brad Hinton. Taken from Flickr.