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Caldicott Report: update

17 June 2011

Earlier this academic year, UCL Council received the report of the Independent Inquiry Panel established to investigate issues arising from the arrest of Mr Abdulmutallab.

Portico The report is available at: http://www.ucl.ac.uk/caldicott-enquiry/caldicottreport.pdf.

One of the terms of reference given to the Panel was to examine whether there was evidence of conditions at UCL which might facilitate the radicalisation of students. The Panel did not find any such evidence, and in subsequent discussions with the police and other authorities, no concerns have been expressed about radicalisation of Mr Abdulmutallab while he was a student at UCL, or the potential for other students to be radicalised as a result of activity on campus.

Nonetheless, we clearly have a duty to ensure that any concerns are dealt with appropriately, and Recommendation 5 in the Panel's report is:

  • "that UCL take action to ensure that its policies and procedures for dealing with and reporting causes of concern about students are not only clearly documented but more effectively communicated."

The primary mechanism for dealing with matters of concern in relation to students is, of course, the personal tutor system. If personal tutors, or other staff in contact with students (for example hall wardens) have concerns over the behaviour of a student or students, they should contact Dr Ruth Siddall, Dean of Students Welfare.

Two reference documents produced by UUK on relevant issues are on the UCL web pages at: http://www.ucl.ac.uk/academic-services/governance/campus-relations. Guidance for personal tutors and key elements of our personal tutoring arrangements are available in the UCL Academic Manual.

Rex Knight

Vice-Provost (Operations)