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UCL receives award for social entrepreneurship

6 July 2011


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  • UCL has been honoured with a social entrepreneurship award for its continuing commitment to developing solutions to social problems.

    The 2011 Higher Education Institute (HEI) Social Entrepreneurship Champions of Change Recognition Award was given to UCL by UnLtd - a charity that funds and supports social entrepreneurship. UnLtd describe social entrepreneurs as "people who can transform the world in which they live".

    UnLtd was "particularly impressed" with the manner in which social entrepreneurship has been effectively integrated into UCL's curriculum development, observing that: "The clear leadership by senior personnel at UCL in promoting and facilitating social entrepreneurship is evident in the number of high-quality ventures being supported."

    UCL shared the Outstanding HEI Supporting Social Entrepreneurship Award with the University of Northampton. UnLtd explained that: "Both fostered a culture of social entrepreneurship for staff and students within their institutions and the communities they serve."

    Professor Stephen Caddick, Vice-Provost (Enterprise), said: "The award is recognition of the rich diversity of social enterprise activity that goes on at UCL. Social enterprise has become integrated into the fabric of the university: it doesn't just sit in one department but occurs across the board, and encompasses top-level strategic commitment combined with both student- and staff-driven experimentation."