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Occupational Health Service promoting coping strategies throughout September

25 August 2011

When facing challenging times in our lives, we will all use different coping mechanisms to help us through.

Whether going for an interview, taking exams, experiencing bereavement or going through a divorce, we draw upon our previous experiences to help us through difficulties. Resilience grows by making something worthwhile out of painful situations. Positive coping strategies to build resilience include:

However, some people may turn to less effective coping mechanisms such as alcohol or illegal substances.

This month the Occupational Health Service is featuring information on drugs and alcohol. Visit the Occupational Health Service or email ohsadmin@ucl.ac.uk for more information.

Free, confidential advice on developing effective coping strategies or on managing drug and alcohol problems, is available from your employee assistance programme (Username: UCL Password: employee) or call on 0800 243 458.

Elaine Fletcher, Occupational Health Adviser, Human Resources