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UCL Staff Survey results

2 September 2005

The report and action plan in response to UCL's first all-staff attitude survey have been published online, accessible to staff using their userid and password.

The survey focused on staff perceptions of UCL as a place to work and the extent to which its equal opportunity policies have made a difference in practice. The survey was completed by 2,380 staff at the end of 2004 and early 2005, a 31 per cent response rate. The sample was broadly representative of the university's staff profile.

Some of the survey findings confirm areas where UCL has already identified the need for change and is taking action. There are also other areas where staff felt there was room for improvement. All of these have been incorporated into the action plan, the implementation of which will be overseen UCL's Senior Management Team, the Committee for Equal Opportunities and the Race Equality Review Group on Employment Issues. Progress will be reported back to staff.

UCL staff can access the report and action plan by using the link at the top of this article. Staff without internet access will receive copies through their managers.