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New biofilms journal launched

7 January 2004

A new international journal - Biofilms - has been launched by academics from UCL's Eastman Dental Institute and Montana State University (MSU), Bozeman, USA.

'Biofilms' journal

Edited by the institute's Professor Michael Wilson and Professor William Costerton (MSU), the journal's mission is to act as a forum for the publication of papers relevant to biofilms.

Biofilms are responsible for the most prevalent infections of humanity - dental caries and periodontal diseases - as well as for infections of the prosthetic and medical devices that are increasingly being used in medical and surgical procedures.

Biofilms are also blamed for a range of problems of great economic importance such as the blockage of oil and water pipelines, the corrosion of boats and marine structures and interference with heat exchange processes. However, biofilms are also essential for the treatment of domestic sewage and industrial wastes.

The areas of human activities in which biofilms play an important role are many and varied and include medicine, engineering, bioremediation, the pharmaceutical industry, water distribution and treatment, marine biology, dentistry and the food industry.

Professor Wilson commented: "With such diversity, it is difficult for biofilm researchers to keep up to date with advances in the field. The aim of the journal is to provide a much needed single forum for the publication of articles relevant to biofilms."

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