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UCL Press to be relaunched

20 February 2003

UCL Press will be re-launched in April 2003, in conjunction with Cavendish Publishing.

It will be dedicated to the publication of academic monographs and student textbooks of the highest quality, at an affordable price for students and academics.

Running along strictly commercial lines, UCL Press will provide a publishing outlet for the university's academics. Although UCL staff will not be required to publish through UCL Press, priority will be given to obtaining proposals from UCL members during the first 12 months of its operation. Once this initial phase is over, commissions will be welcomed from suitable external authors.

The initial publication programme will focus on political science, international relations, law and criminology, sociology, planning and geography, and history. Once an initial list of titles has been commissioned, UCL Press will accept proposals from other disciplines.

Titles will be selected by an editorial committee consisting of UCL and Cavendish Publishing representatives, who will meet at least bimonthly. The aim is to publish 75 titles within 24 months, with all complete manuscripts published within four months of receipt. UCL Press will have a dedicated marketing and sales team. Each title will benefit from its own marketing plan and budget, which will be agreed with the author.

Cavendish Publishing is the UK's largest independent publisher, specialising in legal academic, reference and practitioner publishing. Its highly effective sales force, direct marketing team and international network of agents and distributors provide an unrivalled marketing service.

Mr Sonny Leony, Executive Chairman of Cavendish Publishing, said: "UCL is a global brand that we want to maximise in academic publishing. UCL Press will serve the international academic community by publishing works of outstanding scholarship."

Professor Michael Worton, Vice-Provost (Teaching, Learning & Arts), said: "We look forward to establishing UCL Press at the forefront of university publishers. UCL and Cavendish Publishing share a commitment to excellence and interdisciplinarity, and we are confident that UCL Press will quickly become a publishing house with which most academics consider publishing."

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