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New publication on water treatment

24 August 2020

Jianan membrane article

Our new article from the UCL Centre for Nature Inspired Engineering (CNIE) is out in Science of the Total Environment entitled “Increased E. coli bio-adsorption resistance of microfiltration membranes, using a bio-inspired approach” Congratulations to leading author Jianan Li, with Yanan Liu, in a great collaboration of the groups of Marc-Olivier Coppens and Luiza Campos (UCL Dept of Civil, Environmental & Geomatic Engineering). Bacterial bio-adsorption resistance of PES microfiltration membranes for water treatment were developed using an approach inspired by the inherent anti-fouling properties of living cells. Our membranes use the gluing properties of polydopamine and a chitosan layer to repel E. coli. Testing the membranes was performed using real life conditions by employing lake water. Read the paper here.