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6th Annual Student National Conference

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About the Conference

The Society for Natural Sciences is a professional body for scientists, educators and students who are working across the disciplinary boundaries of science. The Society 's mission is to raise awareness of the value and importance of taking an interdisciplinary approach to scientific and societal problems and they work to strengthen and advance education in science to build a community of scientists capable of addressing some of these challenges.

The National Student Conference is an opportunity for student members studying on interdisciplinary programmes around the country to come together and share their research, interact with other interdisciplinary scientists and build a network of contacts across different disciplinary areas.

The 6th Annual National Student Conference is being hosted at UCL.  

Who is it for?

The Conference is aimed at third and fourth year students on interdisciplinary degree programmes who would like to present their research in either an oral or poster presentation at a National Conference.

Additionally the conference is open to students or staff who are interested in hearing about the research that students on interdisciplinary programmes are involved with. Those who would like to make connections with other members for future projects or opportunities or become more involved with the Society itself.

The conference is only open to members of the Society for Natural Sciences so if you are not currently a member and would like to attend or present then please use the link below to join the Society.

Join the Society for Natural Sciences