Nanoengineered Systems Laboratory


Outreach and Public Engagement

Media Engagement

Unsolicited media engagement for a paper on sensorised surgical gloves: S. Jaufuraully et. al., 3: Frontiers in Global Women's Health, 2022.

Shireen and Carmen Sensorised Glove
Carmen (left) and Shireen (right) present their sensorised glove using a baby's head model in the lab.  


    Public Engagement

    Public engagement (IHE impact fellowship) in a high school in Spain

    Three young scientists from NSL were invited to IES Valverde de Lucerna, a high school in Spain on September 28. A public engagement involving gravitational energy, nanoengineered surfaces, and individual research projects was present in front of secondary school students. The event was enjoyed by every student, school leader and local townspeople, and was also featured in the local newspaper!


    IP4U (an exclusive event showcasing new technologies in Sustainability and Future Health)

    NSL, in collaboration with UCL-B and UCL-C, participated in the IP4U 2023 (University Tech Fair). IP4U was split across two themed and curated days. Each day offered unique technologies, speakers, presentations and rare opportunities to discover the cutting-edge IP produced from leading education institutes. We (Dr Vikaramjeet Singh, Dr Prasenjit Kabi, Dr Carmen, and Jianhui) showcased our patented works on “Re-usable and self-poled piezoelectric nanocomposite films” and “Sensorized Gloves”.


    UCL MechEng Summer School 2023 - Nanoengineered System Lab Tour

    We (Dr Vikaramjeet Singh, Dr Prasenjit Kabi) showcased our research on surfaces, diagnostics and additive manufacturing to the high school student to help them in selecting course for their undergraduate studies at UCL or outside.


    Visiting from ICRA (IEEE Conference on Robotics and Automation)

    Our international guests from ICRA came to visit us at the WEISS center, on 29th, May. We introduced the most advanced research about sensors, 3D printing and nano-coatings in our NSL. Thank you so much for listening and sharing your ideas from different areas/perspectives. 



    PINT OF SCIENCE FESTIVAL: Why do junior neurosurgeons need nano sensor gloves?

    Carmen Salvadores Fernandez gave a pubic speech on 24 May at Atlas Grinds: "If I tell you to press hard, how hard would you press? Your definition of hard could be different to mine. And maybe it is not that important in day to day life when you are kneading dough or pressing buttons in an elevator. But now imagine you are a neurosurgeon and you are told to press “hard” to clamp an artery during surgery. In some situations, being able to precisely measure pressure is much more important. Join me over a pint in Hackney and I will tell you about my project that uses nanosensors on the fingertips of a glove to measure pressure of a surgeon’s touch!"


    Science of Surgery Open Day

    Our team developed a game where finger tapping detection could be used to play a game. This may have potential use in monitoring and rehabilitation of patients with neurodegenerative disease. Additional demos included playing music through a force sensorised glove wirelessly connected to an Arduino chip and self-cleaning surfaces. This event was attended by >200 children at Charles Bell House, Foley Street, London.


    Tomorrow’s Home exhibition by UCL Institute of Healthcare Engineering (IHE)

    Tomorrow’s Home was an immersive installation where the home of the future – 30 years from now – became a reality as an exhibition hosted at the Museum of the Home. It drew upon leading research from the UCL Institute of Healthcare Engineering to imagine how our dwellings could be designed to help us live independently and well as we age, and support our changing planet.

    Find more details in the article here!


    Career Paths for Early Career Researchers Panel

    Professor Tiwari was a panel member on Career paths for early career researchers: academia and industry, BioMedEng22 meeting, UCL, 9 September 2022.

    Science of Surgery Event Photo Matas
    Matas presenting a force sensorised glove that played different musical notes depending on the force applied at the Science of Surgery event.

    Science of Surgery Event Photo Team
     The team presenting various technologies at the Science of Surgery event.


    Public Patient Involvement (PPI) Panels

    Led by clinical collaborators in the WEISS centre, NSL team has helped run the following panels:

    • Tuesday 10th January 2023: Updates, feedback and improved patient information sheets and recruitment poster (based on previous feedback and suggestions from the panel).
    • Wednesday 12th October 2022: Updates and progress on the sensorised surgical glove project (based on previous feedback and suggestions from the panel).
    • Tuesday 5th July 2022: Shaping and feedback on the recruitment poster and consent form.
    • Tuesday 9th November 2021: Shaping the confidentiality agreement and feedback on it.
    • Thursday 15th July 2021: Confidentiality and ethics for the sensorised glove.
    • Wednesday 18th November 2020: Assisting Operative Birth using Wearable Technology – Sensorised surgical glove for vaginal examination.