Nanoengineered Systems Laboratory


Science of Surgery 2023

03 April 2023, 11:00 am–4:00 pm

We are participating in the open to public event, Science of Surgery 2023. Come join us!

Event Information

Open to



Simon Watt


Ground Floor
Charles Bell House
43-45 Foley Street
United Kingdom

The nanoengineered systems lab will be showcasing some of our technologies in the form of demos and videos at the Science of Surgery event. Please come out to see us in what will be a fun-filled day of interactive demonstrations that will show you how science is being utilised to enhance surgery, including imaging, robots, and sensors!

Our team, among many others based in WEISS, will be showcasing how our team integrates engineering with medicine through hands-on activities and interesting demonstrations. This is an opportunity for everyone interested in, or wanting to learn about, science, engineering and medicine to come and find out at a fun and friendly event, with games and information for all ages and filled with researchers to ask and answer important questions.

For more details please visit the linked event page.