The Nahrein Network


Work sites

The Network has offices in London and Erbil. It mostly funds work in Iraq, including the Kurdish Region of Iraq, and is starting to expand into neighbouring countries too.

The Network mostly funds research in Iraq, including the Kurdish Region of Iraq, where need is most acute and where it is safe to work. We work there with many different partners.

The Network carries out regular regional risk assessments with expert input from Pilgrims Group.

From 2019 the Network is expanding into Lebanon and Turkey, with the support of the Council for British Research in the Levant and the British Institute at Ankara. We also work with the British Institute for the Study of Iraq and the Iran Heritage Foundation on our Visiting Scholars programme.

Map of key project partners and locations (Lebanon not shown)
Map of work sites

Our Research Centre on Culture, History, and Humanities for Sustainable Development has its own website, hosted by the University of Kurdistan Hewlêr in Erbil.