The Nahrein Network


The Nahrein Network

New Ancient History Research for Education in Iraq and its Neighbours

The Nahrein Network fosters the sustainable development of antiquity, cultural heritage and the humanities in Iraq and its neighbours. We support interdisciplinary research to enable universities, museums, and community groups to better serve local, post-conflict needs.

The Network is based at University College London, the University of Kurdistan Hewlêr, and the Ashmolean Museum, Oxford and has many international partners. We are funded for four years, 2017-21, by the UK Arts and Humanities Research Council and the Global Challenges Research Fund Network Plus scheme. 

Visiting Scholars 

The Visiting Scholars scheme has closed at midnight 15th of February.. Visit our dedicated page for future rounds, eligibility cirteria, information on how to apply and more.

  • Read the new, clearer guidelines and download an application form. 
  • Email us with questions about the scheme

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