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Dr Mustafa Dogan

Scholarship dates: 01 November - 30 December 2020

Academic host: Archaeology Department, University of Reading

Dr Mustafa Dogan is an Associate Professor with Batman University, Turkey. With support from BIAA, he has a visiting scholarship at the Archaeology Department, University of Reading.  

During his time in the UK, Dr Dogan plans to research the role of eco-museums in cultural heritage and sustainable development.  He will focus on documentation of intangible culture and the use of new technologies (film, website management, social media) in promoting good practice. Dr Dogan will be piloting a study with local communities, NGOs, local authorities and colleagues in the region. The research aims to generate the intellectual tools and methods of analysis to integrate ecomuseums and cultural heritage into sustainable local development in southeast Turkey. It aims to solve some of the difficulties encountered in this context by women, young people and ethnic and religious minorities.  

Dr Dogan will develop a map showing the potential for ecomuseum development in the region. He will draw up a detailed proposal of how to implement this new approach, aimed at local communities and authorities. Academic papers and talks will follow.