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Dr Maher Al-Helli (Mustansiriyah University)

Scholarship dates: 1 April - 31 May 2019

Academic hosts: Department of History, Sheffield University

Prof Maher Al-Helli is a Professor in the History Department of Al-Mustansiryia University, Baghdad.

Prof Al-Helli was in the UK during April–May 2019, hosted by Prof Martial Staub at Sheffield University’s Department of History. The aim of his Visiting Scholarship is to revitalise the teaching of medieval history in Iraq, through observation and discussion with UK colleagues and through visits to universities, libraries and medieval heritage sites across the UK..

The trip to UK enabled Dr Al-Helli to access up-to-date references and sources, and to observe them used in practice. Since his return to Baghdad, Dr Al-Helli has been sharing his findings with colleagues to help improve university teaching methods and techniques.