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A Society in the Wind - Call to rehabilitate a war torn community - Mosul

A Society in the Wind - Call to Rehabilitate a War Torn Community - Mosul

Directed by Asis. Prof Husham Swadi Hashim (Ninevah University), Prof Harith Hazim Ayoub (Mosul University), Dr Abdulrazzaq Kh. Mahommed (Mosul University), Dr Ahmed Sabaawi (Ninevah University)

 The project aims to

  • identify the patterns of relations between Mosul community constituents in different historical periods;
  • look at the impact of the architecture of old Mosul and how this was reflected on the community cohesion;
  • identify the political and cultural-economic conditions of the Mosul community constituents over the last century

in order to help with citizens' rehabilitation by conveying the spirit of hope as well as reassert the purpose of the legal concepts, general ideas of equality and the rule of the judiciary inside the community. 

The project will help develop a comprehensive strategy that includes all relevant areas to support the reactivation of civil society organizations, to provide material, moral and psychological assistance, alongside international humanitarian organizations, in hopes of creating a future where civic sense, equality and tolerance will be at the center of the dialogue across the political spectrum in the province of Nineveh.