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Zaid Isam Al-Kawaz

Zaid Isam Al-Kawaz

Host: UCL

Project Title: Public works in Baghdad Vilayet under occupation 1915 - 1921. A study in the architectural legacy of the British Administration

Zaid Issam
Zaid Isam Al-Kawaz is an independant consultant with a Masters of Science in Architectural Conservation. He is conducting research that revolves around studying the legacy of public works left by the British occupation administration within the borders of the Baghdad Vilayet (central Iraq today) since the British forces entered the state borders in 1916 until the establishment of national rule and the coronation of King Faisal as King of Iraq in 1921. Zaid aims to produce a historical and architectural analysis of this legacy, as well as attempt to trace its fate, based on a thorough review of available archives and published works, as well as fieldwork and observation.