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Mabast Ali Amin

Mabast A. Muhammad Amin

Host: University of Liverpool

Project Title: Ancient Civilisations Archaeology

Research Supervisor: Professor Douglas Baird and Dr Eleni Asouti

Mabast A. Muhammad Amin
Mabast A. Muhammad Amin is a lecturer at the History department at the University of Garmian, Iraq and has a visiting scholarship at the Archaeology department, University of Liverpool. Dr. Mabast’s research focuses on preserving the early prehistoric sites in Iraqi Kurdistan, assessing environmental and human threats to the preservation of early prehistoric sites in Kurdistan and develop mechanisms that will aid their preservation through dialogue with local communities.

To learn more about Mabast and his scholarship, read our interview with him featured on the Nahrein Network blog or listen to Mabast talk about his project and time in the UK on the Nahrein Network podcast channel.

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