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Hamed Hyab Samir

Dr Hamed Hyab Samir, Head of Architecture, College of Engineering, University of Basrah 

Host: University of Loughborough, School of Architecture, Building and Civil Engineering 

Project Title: Reviving the Local Identity of the City of Basrah 

Research Supervisor: Dr Sura al-Maiyah

Dr Hamed Samir at UCL
Dr Hamed Hyab Samir, is the Head of Architecture at the College of Engineering, University of Basrah. Dr Hamed received a visiting scholarship at the University of Loughborough, School of Architecture, Building and Civil Engineering. As part of the Visiting Scholarship, Dr Hamed plans to research and explore how the legacy of Basrah's past can be transmitted to future generations to ensure cultural consistency in the development of the country. The aim of Dr Hamed's research is to digitally document the tangible and intangible heritage of Basrah and to set a plan to create a digital library in order to revive the collective memory of local residents and to raise their awareness regarding the value of the local heritage.

To learn more about Dr Hamed's scholarship, please read our interview with him on the Nahrein Network blog. You can also listen to Dr Hamed talk about his project in this interview available on the Nahrein Network podcast channel.

Watch Dr Hamed's seminar titled, Safeguarding the diversity of cultural heritage in Basrah on our YouTube page

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