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Dilshad Oumar Abdul Aziz

Dr Dilshad Oumar Abdul Aziz, Head of the History Department at Kirkuk University

Host: BP Archive, University of Warwick

Project Title: BP Archive: A Source for the Study of the Contemporary Economic, Social and Cultural History of Kirkuk

Research Supervisor: Dr. Katayoun Shafiee


Dilshad Oumar Abdul Aziz is an Assistant Professor in the History Department at University of Kirkuk. Dr. Dilshad received a visiting scholarship at the BP Archive at the University of Warwick. As part of this visiting scholarship, Dr. Dilshad reviewed and categorized BP Archive’s database relating to the city of Kirkuk while identifying documents that support scholarly research on the economic, social and cultural history of Kirkuk. Dr Dilshad aims to develop guidelines and best practices for documentation and archiving process for Iraqi scholars and students.

To learn more about Dilshad's scholarship, please read the interview with him featured on our blog. You can also watch his webinar titled, Guideline for Researchers & Students to Contact BP Archive (in Arabic) on our YouTube page

Dilshad's paper on the history and uses of the BP archives including new catalogue of papers related to Kirkuk, titled: Iraq Petroleum Co. Archive: A Source for the Study of the Contemporary Economic, Social, Cultural history of Kirkuk is published on Iraqi Academic Scientific Journals.