The Nahrein Network


Digital Documentation of Heritage Sites in Post-Conflict Anbar

Team: Dr. Abdulazez Khudhair Abbas, Mrs. Buraq Sadiq Jafar, Dr. Ammar Subhy Khalaf (University of Al-Anbar), Mr. Muhammad Jasim Abid (SBAH Anbar) 

Duration: funded for 6 months from 1 January 2021 

Al-Anbar is a large province in western Iraq, home to many heritage sites, which suffer the effects of the 2003 conflict and ISIS invasion of 2014.  

The project aims to raise the residents' awareness of the importance of local heritage and its protection. To achieve this, the team has documented archeaological sites and identified the extent of their destruction. The results of their study aims to involve the local community and change their perspective and understanding of local heritage. 

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Research Design and Methodology

  1. Identify archaeological sites and mapping their geographical locations in Anbar province.
  2. Field visits to all archeaological sites in Anbar to evaluate and record extent of vandalization and damage to sites.
  3. Documentation of sites through photography and videos.
  4. Meetings with policymakers and local societies interested in preserving heritage.
  5. Alert locals on stopping heavy machinery access to archaeological sites so as to not compromise buildings.