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The Future of Cultural Heritage in Iraq Webinar Series

As part of the Nahrein Network – Chatham House collaboration to explore the future of cultural heritage in Iraq and its role for rebuilding society and reconstruction, we are pleased to present the content of the webinar series organised in 2020.

This webinar series ran from 5th October to 10th December 2020 and was prepared with a view to highlighting challenges, opportunities and policy issues in relation to Iraq’s cultural heritage. 

The webinar series brought together speakers and participants from the UK and Iraq as well as from other countries to engage in discussions on a wide-ranging set of issues concerning cultural heritage, including cultural protection, sustainability, the economy, peace-making, education, conservation and intangible cultures. Other topics were also covered.

Please see below the list of events. We will be adding content as it becomes available. 

Title DateMedia Content

Baghdad Historical City: A conversation 

5th October 2020


Intangible cultural heritage in Iraq. What relevance for policy and practice?  

15 October 2020


Cultural heritage, the environment and sustainability  

22nd October 2020


Conservation in Iraq: practices, challenges and opportunities  

29th October 2020


The role of Academia in Preserving and Documenting Heritage

30th October 2020


Cultural Heritage in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq: Challenges and Policies 

5th November 2020


Historic city centers and cultural continuity in Iraq

23rd November 2020


The role of civil society and youth in Iraq’s cultural heritage

26th November 2020


Heritage in Basrah  - learning from past activities and possibilities for the future 

3rd December 2020


The role of higher education in enhancing learning in cultural heritage

10th December 2020