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Dr Sadiq Khalil


Dr Sadiq Khalil Abid, PhD in Architecture (University of Sheffield) and former Consultant in the Prime Minister’s office

Host: Kingston University (first phase) and The National Archive (second phase)

Project Title: Iraqi Heritage under the British Mandate

Research Supervisor: Dr Juliette Desplat

sadiq khalil
Dr Sadiq Khalil Abid was previously a consultant in the prime minister's office in Iraq. With support from BISI he received a Visiting Scholarship at Visual and Material Culture Research Centre, Kingston Schools of Arts, Kingston University in February 2019. During his time in the UK, Dr Sadiq looked into ways to build effective advocacy through case-studies of endangered Iraqi heritage. His research focused on the ways forward for a more sustainable approach to heritage. Dr Sadiq investigates hurdles in protecting local sites and try to bring the voice of the community to the forefront of the discussion. The research also focused on the relationship between conflict, on one hand, peace and stability on the other and how these reflect on heritage. 

Dr Sadiq Khalil Abid completed the second part of his scholarship at The National Archives in February 2023. His main research is focusing on the relationship between politics and cultural heritage with particular reference to Baghdad and Najaf. The scholarship with The National Archives has allowed Dr Khalil to collect a vast amount of useful primary sources, records and maps.

To learn more about Sadiq's scholarship and project, please read his interview on our blog.