Some Nuggets about Zinc

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Wendy Kirk

The body of the car is said to be made from zinc. Is zinc poisonous? Where does it come from?

Eating Molten Lead


Martial arts footage from Mount Dobong, South Korea - where a man eats molten lead.


metal tolerant plants


Around lead mines in the peak district, where for two hundred years up to 1780, the Peak was the most important lead mining area in the world, only plants that can tolerate lead managed to survive

Doggerel: to a toy car


Sparkle, sparkle new toy car,
How shiny, bright and fast you are!
Mummy says I must not lick,
If I do I will be sick.
But you're sweet, you're oh so tasty,

Rules for preventing food contamination


To keep your kitchen clean and to prevent people from food contamination there are some things that you have to do:
_wear your kitchen clothes before entering the kitchen.

Interview with Erin Winkles (similar case study of child poisoning / access to medical records)


The attached interview with Erin Winkles discusses a similar case study of infant poisoning which changed the legal responsibility of toy manufacturers in the UK.

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