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Julie Brixey-Williams

Boy X


I am giving the boy the name Boy X in an attempt to redress the racism he suffered at the hands of the British medical profession in being defined as “of non-European extraction”.

Human Tissue Act


In selecting the object for Object Retrieval from the UCL Pathology Collection, some of the limiting criteria were the very restrictive parameters of the 2006 Human Tissue Act.

Interview with Erin Winkles (similar case study of child poisoning / access to medical records)


The attached interview with Erin Winkles discusses a similar case study of infant poisoning which changed the legal responsibility of toy manufacturers in the UK.

safety requirements for lead in toys from 1963 - present day


According to the DTI product standards - 'Toy safety' Guidance notes on the Uk toys (safety) regulations 1995 document for the protection of children’s health the use of toys must not, as an object

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