Boy X


I am giving the boy the name Boy X in an attempt to redress the racism he suffered at the hands of the British medical profession in being defined as “of non-European extraction”.

Project X - Bartlett Seminar on the Bus


Katherine Bash is conducting 'Project X' with students from the Bartlett School of Architecture.


Your name: 
Madiha Ahmad

Noticed that even for a convertable, the car was unusually flat, almost asking to be licked. Why did he lick it?

Scale drawing of the toy car


A scan of a 1:1 scale drawing of the object, showing plan view and side elevations.

Homes and Gardens September 1963


A copy of Homes and Gardens magazine dated September 1963.
Features advertisement for Austin A40 and feature on "car of the month", a Volvo 122B:

Recalled toys


Some of the toys recalled in recent years due to high lead content in the paint.

Ford Sunliner in films and TV


A list of all appearances of the Ford Sunliner in film and TV.
(Images show films in alphabetical order)

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