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God's wife of Amun in the Late Period

The office of the 'God's wife of Amun', already important in the New Kingdom (about 1550-1069 BC) and in the late 22nd Dynasty, became especially influential in the 25th and 26th Dynasty. Kings placed their daughters in this position, while the succession of one 'God's wife' to the next was made by adoption. The 'God's wife' appears with greater prominence on monuments than the king himself, occupying positions in formal art normally reserved for the king.

The 'God's wife' was at the head of the 'domain of the Divine Adoratrice', in which substantial personnel worked under the administration of a 'high steward'. The 'high stewards' of the domain became at the end of the 25th Dynasty very powerful, as can be seen from their huge tombs at Thebes. The god's wife also bears the title 'Divine Adoratrice of Amun' (dwAt-nTr n imn).

Amenirdis I
daughter of Kashta and Pabatma
Shepenwepet II
daughter of Piy
UC 14843, from Thebes ?
Amenirdis II
daughter of Taharqo
UC 14739
Nitokris I (Shepenwepet III) Horus name: wrt
daughter of Psamtek I and of Meheten-weskhet; in office since 586
    UC 38078, shabti
daughter of Psamtek II and Takhat; in office since 595 BC
    UC 36443
Nitokris II
daughter of Ahmose (II)

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