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Psamtek I Wahibre
(664-610 BC)

King of the Twenty-sixth Dynasty

Between 664 and 657 Psamtek I eliminated local rulers in Lower Egypt (Twenty-third Dynasty), ended the authority of the Napatan kings at Thebes (Twenty-fifth Dynasty) and thereby reunified Egypt. At the start of his reign he seems to have been governor of Egypt for the Assyrian kings: as their power collapsed in Asia, he became de facto independent ruler in Egypt.

Horus name: Aaib
Nebty name: Neba
Golden Falcon name: Qenu
Prenomen: Wahibre
Nomen: Psamtek


Burial place: Sais


Attestations in the Petrie Museum:

faience plaque UC 14840
UC 14840 UC 14840

UC 40317 (Petrie 1935: no. 574)

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UC 8960 (shabti, Petrie 1935:: no. 576)
UC 14734 (fragment of the king's sarcophagus?)
UC 8960
UC 14734

Further Attestations:



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