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Ahmose (II) (Amasis) Khnemibre
(570-526 BC)

King of the 26th Dynasty. The reign of the king marks the high point of the 26th Dynasty in terms of wealth and prosperity. Under Ahmose (II) Naukratis, the Greek colony in Egypt was formally founded: the city became the main trading point between Egyptians and Greeks. Herodotus and Egyptian sources relate that the king was a drinker and philanderer: this may, though, be a literary motif rather than an accurate record.

Horus name: Semenmaat
Nebty name: Zaneit-sepedtawy
Golden Falcon name: Setepnetjeru
Prenomen: Khnemibre
Nomen: Ahmose


Burial place: Sais (Herodotus visited it)


Attestations in the Petrie Museum (click on the images to see larger pictures)

UC 14504 (relief fragment)
UC 38080 (shabti)
UC 14504 UC 38080, shabti

Further Attestations:



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