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God's wife of Amun: the administration

The 'domain of the divine adoratice' was an important economical institution with a large number of personnel. The head managers of the estate were the 'high stewards' particularly influential at the end of the 25th and the beginning of the 26th Dynasty. Written sources indicate that there was a treasury and several institutions concerned with agriculture and food production.

Sepa son of Psamtek I for Nitokris the god's wife UC 16410, found at Abydos
Harwa, high steward of Amenirdis I. He is well-known from his big tomb complex at Thebes UC 30151, shabti of Harwa
UC 10681
the administrator of the treasury of the 'Divine Adoratrice of Amun' Nespaqashuty UC 16022
funerary cone of the high steward IbA UC 30181

Further reading:

Graefe 1981 (on the administration of the institution, including list of all title-holders related to the god's wife)



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