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God's wife of Amun

The holders of the title before the 25th Dynasty; the numbers in brackets refer to Gitton/Leclant 1977

Iiimeretnebes (1) Middle Kingdom (about 2025-1700 BC) (?)
Ahmose (3)  
Ahmose Nefertari (4) daughter of Seqenenre and Ahhotep
Satkames (5)  
Satamun (6) daughter of Ahmose Nefertari
Ahmose Meretamun (7)  
Hatshepsut (8) the later ruling queen
Neferure (9) daughter of Hatshepsut
Hatshepsut Meretre (10) wife of Thutmose III, mother of Amenhotep II
Meretamun (11) daughter of Thutmose III
Tiaa (12) mother of Thutmose IV and wife of Amenhotep II
Satre (13) wife of Ramesses I and wife of Sethy I
Tui (14) wife of Sety I and mother of Ramesses II
Tausret (15) wife of Sety II, the later ruling queen
Tity (16) wife of Setnakht
unknown (17) wife of Ramesses III
Tenipet (18)  
Isis (19) daughter of Ramesses VI
Maatkare Mutemhat (20) daughter of Pinodjem I
Henuttawi (21)  
Mehytweskhet Meretmut (22)  
Karomama (23)  
Kedmerut (24)  
Shepenwepet (I) Khnemibamun (25) daughter of Osorkon III

later title holders

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