Multiscale Cardiovascular Engineering Group


We won! Best VPHi Student Award during the VPH 2018 Conference

7 September 2018

"Best VPHi Student" Award (runner-up) during the

org/" target="_self">"Virtual Physiological Human Conference" (VPH 2018) goes to our fantastic researcher, Mirko Bonfanti for his work "A platform for patient-specific vascular medicine: a case study of a chronic type B aortic dissection".

The work is the joint effort of two members of our group: Gaia and Mirko. The Conference organisers judged both, the quality of the work and the quality of the presentation.

We cannot be more proud of our outstanding team, doing fantastic work funded as part of the VPH CaSE project by the EC and the British Heart Foundation.

Mirko is now a WEISS researcher; our team will work on expanding the capabilities of our vascular platform to treat a number of vascular conditions as part of the WEISS centre in order to speed up the testing of medical devices, the use of the platform for patient-specific surgical/interventional planning and medical/surgical (and biomedical engineering) training.

Well done!.  Great teamwork!