UK Consortium on Mesoscale Engineering Sciences


UKCOMES Workshop @DSFD2015

27 July 2015

On Tuesday 14th of July 2015 at 2.

30 p.m. a UKCOMES workshop is held in conjunction with the UKCOMES sponsored 24th Discrete Simulation of Fluid Dynamics conference.

The agenda includes 

  • Welcome and introduction b the PI (Kai Luo, UCL)
  • Progress in WP A: Core Code Development, Optimisation and Maintenance (Michael Seaton STFC)
  • Progress in WP C: Mesoscale Modelling of Alloy Solidfication (Rongshan Qin, Open University)
  • Progress in WP F: Multiphysics (Sebastian Schmieschek, UCL)
  • Talk on industrial applications of LBM (Daniel Lycett-Brown, XFlow)
  • Perspectives on industrial requirements (Xiaowen Shan, COMAC; Scientific advisory board)
  • Whither turbulence and big data - Implications for LBM (Andrew Pollard, Queen's University, Canada; Scientific advisory board)
  • Comments by the chairman of the scientific advisory board (Sauro Succi,  ETH Zurich)