UK Consortium on Mesoscale Engineering Sciences



Microfluidic microdroplet technologies: The videos show how thermocapillary force induced by focused laser light can affect droplet motion.

Multiphase flows in porous media: The video shows the CO2 injection process.

Couette (linear shearing) flow applied to a fluid containing an initially stationary immiscible fluid droplet, simulated using Lishchuk continuum-based fluid-fluid interactions. Boundary of droplet indicated by white contour line, fluid density by colour field. Included as a demo with DL_MESO.

Pressure-driven flow past a stationary cylinder in a channel, producing von Kármán vortex shedding. Animation depicts velocity streamlines of flow (magnitude given by colour field), with channel walls and cylinder boundary indicated by white contour lines. Included as a demo with DL_MESO.

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